Healthy Materials

LOFT + MANOR values being a great partner in our community and it starts with using materials that are sustainable to our environment which are also healthy in our homes and workplaces. It is our responsibility to thoroughly understand what materials are being used to create the products that we deliver to our customers.  

With our roots coming from the Pacific Northwest we understand how beautiful our forests truly are. 100% of the wood used in our furniture frames construction are Forest Stewardship Council certified materials. By using sustainable products we can support the FSC in protecting water quality, restrict the use of dangerous chemicals, and preserve the natural resources that we are truly to have. We encourage you to visit their website and learn more about the FSC organization.  

The foam that we use to provide comfort is Reflex Natural foam which is high-density upholstery foams design specifically for furniture cushioning. The benefits are:

  • Plant-based ingredients replacing portions of petroleum-based raw materials
  • Halogen-free, organic fire retardants to meet stringent flammability requirements
  • The product qualifications include ISO 9000 and QS9000, as well as TS 16949 and TS14001.
The textiles and fabrics that are used in our products are 80% COM (Customers Own Materials). LOFT + MANOR strongly encourages the use of Greenguard Certified and Cradle to Cradle Certified materials in the specification process.
Our manufacturing partners are held to a very high standard and are selected with keeping our values in place. Here are the LOFT + MANOR standards:
  • Local manufacturing that has like minded environmental goals and continuous improvement.
  • No water is used in the production process.
  • Glues are water-based, low-toxicity, low-VOC (0.2%/wt)
  • Metal components are made of 70% recycled metal.
  • Use of green energy to power manufacturing process such as solar
  • Recycling procedures in place for foam, textiles, and wood.
  • Employees are paid a fair living wage, and safety precautions are upheld

With continuous improvement in place, we are actively engaging in the following:

LOFT + MANOR involvement:

Sustainable Furniture Council  Silver Level Member